Changing the world IS possible.

Self Directed Medical is here to help.

Self Directed Medical exists to help Americans save money and get higher quality service oriented healthcare by providing medical care financial education. In turn, this will empower individuals, families, and employers to “self-direct” their medical care and allow them to save money, gain control to select their treatments, and pick their physician(s).

If you have ever worried about how to pay for your family’s medical care? Would you like to open a business but don’t know how to protect your employee’s or family’s health? You are not alone… and we can help!

People Are Savings Thousands

Working with Self Directed Medical Can Help You Too

Myself personally, I save about $20,000 a year…I've saved $100,000 in the past five years by not having a health insurance plan and knowing how to pay for my medical care in cash.
When we had our baby, we saved over $10,000 by not having a traditional health insurance plan. My turning point was when I realize that my wife and I were going to be blessed with our first baby and realized that—You know what, that my wife and I were paying hundreds of dollars a month just realize that we needed to pay even more if we actually needed to use our insurance. This wasn't going to work. This wasn't sustainable for me, my wife, my family, my company or anyone of clients out there. Just how we pay for things was all screwed up.... I'm not limited to any narrow networks... It allows me to go out there and talk to the best doctors I can find, and still allow me to access their expertise.